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The Evolution from Sigmund Freud’s Talking Cure to Self-Directed Emotional Healing Practices | Interviewer Sigmund Freud published in January 2026 issue of Psychology Today

How has the work of Sigmund Freud evolved in recent years?  That’s the question Psychology Toda y asked me to explore – and who better than me, Sigmund Freud himself.  I’ve been retired from this world for almost 80 years now, but I am still in touch.

A bit of internet research led me to the website of Jeanne Dow, and her “DOW e-Coaching Works” emotional healing personal coaching online service.  I was quite pleased to find that my “Talking Cure” has evolved into widespread use in personal coaching, along with the expected Psychiatric professions.  The more people who can be helped, the better, as I always said (or at least thought).

As our interview convened over the phone, I asked Jeanne what made her interested in emotional healing since I noticed that she had not studied the professional route of psychology, psychiatry or therapist formal education.

Jeanne said, “Since College I had discovered an unexplainable curiosity to know why people do what they do, in others words what makes people tick”. This touch my heart since this was my focus as well.

Jeanne said, “I had a lifelong journey of healing from childhood traumas and these life experiences caused me to do extensive studying on the subject of emotional injuries.”

But Jeanne’s route was different and she wanted it that way.  She wanted to have her own independent thinking and not be focused on one healing modality or another because she thought this would give her a broader understanding of human nature.  Jeanne has participated in several programs, studied many methodologies, and read extensively in the literature.

I was quite surprised to see that Jeanne’s DOW e-Coaching Works online healing service had grown worldwide in the past 10 years.  Jeanne works with many clients and keeps detailed notes from coaching telephone conversations as well as has collected data from her online service, so it was easy for me to measure her results.

She and I spoke extensively also, as I wanted to learn her methodology and point-of-view.  In my own practice, after all, I had become expert in interviewing clients to assess their personal problems and how they viewed their own world.

She has specialized in healing people’s childhood injuries, as an access to dissolving their present barriers to success and happiness.  In conversation Jeanne is able to gain access to people’s secret fears and misapprehensions (often concealed even from themselves) by using her unusual intuition, along with her own research and learned methods.  As I found myself, once the source of one’s injuries is discovered and described, the mind will usually resolve its issues in the process of life itself.

I asked Jeanne what had her start this online healing service.

She said, “I started this online service when I was 66 years old, 10 years ago.  Over the years in my coaching practice which I started back in 1996 I could never understand why my clients resisted not fulfilling their dreams.  There seemed to be something holding them back.  In the Master Key Experience in 2015 I discovered the missing link that is the block to people fulfilling
their dreams. I refer to it as the cement Buddha.  This cement holds the feelings, thoughts, memories, beliefs, decisions, sensations, judgments that are contained in each emotional injury that has happened in a person’s life. After discovery this missing link, I found the perfect coaching genre in emotional healing presented by Alison Armstrong of .  This healing work focuses on freeing people from the lasting effects of past emotional wounds, shame and limiting beliefs. I was euphoric to find this gem and was also in heaven with the research and training practices I developed from doing this coaching certification program.

The difference between my work and Jeanne’s is that she has taught a person to fish for themselves.  Up until Jeanne launched her e-coaching online service and smartphone application she employed a Mastermind group, where she provides complimentary subscriptions to her online service. This mastermind group is made of people who can’t afford the coaching and online service.  This group provides ongoing research for Jeanne to develop and fine tune her online service and personal coaching.  Jeanne’s service provides her clients with online journaling to record their life purpose goals and has how-to healing tools for daily healing practices that Jeanne created herself. She provides daily coaching using text messaging, email, voicemail, and popup reminders of encouragement to support her clients’ goals and healing practices. She also publishes weekly emotional healing messages and how-to tools using podcasts and YouTube. She additionally offers monthly webinars that introduce her unique emotional healing online service.

After reviewing Jeanne’s client notes, I can see what extraordinary results that this self-directed method has produced.  People have overcome their shame and self-criticism, become more compassionate and accepting of themselves, and create a more positive self-image.  They live joyful lives by their own design.

There are testimonials galore from Jeanne’s clients raving about the healing e-coaching service. One such comment: “I feel like I am working with an angel — your innate knowing and compassion exceeds anyone I’ve ever worked with. I love using the easy online journaling and healing tools which help me clarify my life purpose and my daily healing practice. Your daily support feels tailor-made just for me. I have accomplished so much in such a short time. I am ecstatic to have connected with such a generous and loving wise woman such as yourself!”

What I find even more intriguing about Jeanne and the modern day is that practices are designed to develop the essential skills for a successful business and the personal life. Jeanne has designed her skills development to be practiced every day.  In her early morning one hour ritual she meditates, does journaling, reads her definite major purpose and visualize what that looks like, reads an inspiring book devoted to her course of professional study, and does yoga or some form of exercise. During the day she either works out at her clubhouse, goes on long walks or hiking with her family and friends. This morning practice gives her inspiration to spend time researching emotional healing and interacting with her clients; she uses social media to promote her business; and she allows time to decorate, garden, and study a coaching program about allowing the divine to lead.

This seems to be paradise for Jeanne.  She has an extraordinary life of service and fulfillment. Jeanne is living what she preaches.

This interview with Jeanne was so rewarding and filled my heart to know that people can heal themselves using modern technology that complements the coach’s hands on personal coaching.


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