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Think it’s all smoke and mirrors? The other guy has the nice NEW car. She’s living in the dream home you’ve dreamed about… Their KIDS seem to have all the latest gadgets and everything they need for the extra-curricular activities they are in…

We’ve all been there, wondering HOW did that guy get to be so successful? She’s not doing anything that I’M not already doing! He’s GOT to have some secret connections, or She must be working a second job…

WHAT are they doing to have THE LIFE I want so desperately to have?!?
I’ll tell you something – and it’s NOT even a secret! It’s just that you haven’t been taught the right things – you know “that stuff” they leave out of the school system, they don’t even really teach it in college? Though I swear they get close without sharing – on purpose. Yeah – THAT stuff. It’s changed SO much in my life in just SEVEN DAYS that I can’t NOT share it enough!!!


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Everyone needs to hear this…

In just 7 Days you CAN make a difference…


A sneak peek at the Laws that successful people LIVE by:


We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind – try to think about Source/Universe/Higher Power/God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought. Watch we resist persists. The Master Teacher said, “Resist not evil” – meaning don’t resist it but instead turn from it and think about something else instead.


Mental effort defeats itself – It’s the exact opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to mental progress. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.


Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection we find is really just practice. With practice of the correct things, we improve on the other 6 Laws of the mind.


To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister justified or not, exists.


Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.


As soon as the subconscious accepts an idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest that demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.


Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.